Medicinal Mushrooms
changed our lives!

Get to know Chris and Chanel and the origins of Stay Wyld:

Both Chris and Chanel have competed and participated in sports and over the years, they have both suffered several concussions and serious injuries to their bodies. They always knew mushrooms had medicinal properties but it wasn’t until a few years ago that Chris started taking advantage of their healing and nutritional powers. A close friend recommended he try Lion's Mane to improve his cognitive function after a concussion so he immediately purchased some. Over the next few weeks, he started feeling much more clear and his memory was coming back. In fact, he was able to remember things that had been lost for years. Chris hasn't stopped taking Lion's Mane since that moment and he stated "I feel more clarity than ever. I was finally able to focus and get back to accomplishing my goals. I can honestly say that mushrooms have changed my life. I feel amazing, I have more energy, I don't get sick anymore, and I feel more connected to my body and my health in general. Growing up I would get very sick a few times a year, now I rarely get sick. After reaping the personal benefits, I wanted to find a way to share them with you. I was intrigued and I wanted to learn how to grow them myself so I travelled to Oregon and attended mycology school to learn how to set up my own mushroom farm. We now grow our own mushrooms for Stay Wyld Organics and for other supplement companies in our new facility in BC.

Chanel, being a Naturopathic Doctor and TCM, has been prescribing her patients medicinal mushrooms for years to treat many different health conditions. Chanel studied the use of mushrooms as herbal medicine in both Eastern and Western context. She has seen huge health benefits with her patients and with her own health as well. "I am fascinated by their properties in nature and their medicinal application for a multitude of health concerns. I love being involved with the formulation work of our new products as well...combining medicinal mushrooms with other adaptogens".

We created Stay Wyld Organics with a purpose. We wanted to provide you with our high-quality Canadian-grown, bioavailable mushrooms. We want to share the health benefits that our mushrooms have provided us with you. Most "mushroom" companies buy their powders from China and put their own label on it. We realize it would have been much easier to just create a brand and buy mushroom powders from China but we knew that many of you (including us) want North American grown food and supplements. We encourage you to ask where the food and supplements you are consuming are actually grown. You will be surprised to find out that there are not many "mushroom" companies that actually grow their own mushrooms.

In today's world, we simply cannot get enough nutrients from the food that is commercially produced. Supplements have an important role in achieving homeostasis in our bodies and medicinal mushrooms are very powerful supplements that are packed with antioxidants and many other health promoting components!

Finally, we want to do our part in helping people Stay Wyld. It’s a lifestyle that we should all live. Exercise your body and mind, eat healthy foods full of nutrients, eat your mushrooms, be kind and keep your spirit WYLD.

- Chris Brown & Dr. Chanel Smythe