There are a lot of different mushroom products on the market. How do I know which are the best?

We carefully considered our choices when it came to mushroom production and preparation. Through extensive research, we explored mushrooms grown worldwide, including China and North America.

Mushrooms are composed of mycelium and fruiting bodies, with mycelium acting as the root system and the fruiting body as the flower. In today's market, various mushroom products exist, ranging from those containing mycelium or fruiting bodies to those with a combination of both, or even just brown rice flour. We discovered that many "full spectrum" powders labeled as mycelium-based are essentially grain spawn—mycelium colonized in grain. Some North American producers simply dehydrate and mill this product, resulting in a "mushroom" powder primarily comprised of mycelium and grain. True fruiting body products and brown rice flour powders often come from China. It can be challenging to discern the contents of these products. While arguments exist regarding the health benefits of mycelium versus fruiting bodies, recent studies have shown that both offer distinct advantages. This realization led us to develop our unique Whole Mushroom Powder, combining mycelium and supplemented fruiting bodies. We have dedicated rooms for fruiting and a separate room for mycelium production. Our fruiting bodies are grown on organic substrates containing wood and organic hulls which do not go into our powders. The fruiting bodies are harvested to be added to our blend. While it does contain the benefits from mycelium, our Whole Mushroom Powder has a high concentration of fruiting bodies added to it. Our mushrooms go through a proprietary two-step process using steam to extract the beta-glucans from the fungal cell walls (Chitin). During this process, nothing from the original mushroom is lost or discarded. It just optimizes the ability for bio-absorption of these beneficial active compounds.

We chose to grow our own mushrooms.

We've made the conscious decision not to buy "mushroom" powders from China or the US like 95% of the "mushroom" companies out there.

We grow our own certified organic mushrooms right here in Canada. This allows us to control the environmental conditions and produce toxin-free mushrooms. This way we can guarantee high-quality mushrooms that have passed some of the most strict organic standards in the world.

Where We Grow Our Mushrooms

We take great pride in the environmental conditions where our mushrooms are grown. We grow our mushrooms at our state-of-the-art facility in Pemberton, British Columbia, and wild-harvest our Chaga using sustainable and ethical harvesting practices in Northern and Eastern Canada far away from civilization or contaminants. Our mushroom powders are organic certified right here in Canada with some of the strictest requirements for organic certification in the world.