100% Canadian Grown Mushrooms

At Stay Wyld, we grow our own mushrooms, which is part of our commitment to provide folks with the healthiest offerings they can trust. Our mushrooms are 100% Canadian organic-certified by Pro-Cert, passing some of the most rigorous certification criteria in the industry. That’s the thing about Canadian grown food products, the standards are higher and more controlled, processes are more transparent, and our products will never end up in overseas shipping containers with hungry critters and other unpredictable conditions. Basically, we choose to grow our own mushrooms so that you can get the highest quality (highest standard) organic mushrooms out there. Many people don't realize that food products that are grown and "certified" organic in China are able to pass along that organic certification to North American Organic claims. The other thing consumers are not aware of is that if a farm claims to do less than $5k/year they can make the certified organic claim without actually being certified. These are two loopholes the general public is not aware of and these are loopholes that some of the most popular "mushroom" companies use with their mushrooms they import from China. The other mis-used claim is the Made in Canada. This claim is abused commonly. To qualify, >50% of the cost to produce their product has to be on Canadian soil. Most "mushroom" companies are simply buying mushrooms from China and making the Made in Canada claim because the cost of the bottling and manufacturing is >50%. They are however, legally required to state "with foreign products" but none of them are.