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HEALTHY humans and dog in my home

This is a good blend for both people and for my dog. She has been sharing this with us since she was a pup. So far, my dog's immune system is great. We haven't been to her vet for 2 years, besides a health check up. Ultimately, this is always our goal. Having good health in our home.

Excellent Product!

I am very happy with the Daily Blend - a boost to energy, clearer mind and overall feeling good. Thank you StayWyld!

Turkey tail for everything that ales you

Great product that I trust, most of my friends use Turkey tail daily

Brain Fog Gone

Brain fog has gone and replaced with a sense of clarity and wellness. Been taking for 3 months. Great product!

Clean energy!

This is a great mushroom. I feel the focus and the energy when I put Cordyceps mushroom powder in my smoothies and it is clean, no after effects like caffeine. It feels like a steady energy I would recommend it for sure.

Retour de la memoir !

Je donne les supplement de Lion's Mane Mushroom a ma mere de 81 ans et je constate des ameliorations significative en seulement 1 mois !
Merci !

I just feel better.

I am an investor but before I was I tried these mushrooms to see if I felt a difference as there are many products out there that promise all sorts of benefits but don’t deliver. The daily immunity with the lions mane is a fantastic combo that has helped with my digestive issues and cleared my brain fog. But overall I just feel better.

Fantastic products , shipped fast !

Focus Gummy

I pop a couple of these at work when I need to buckle down on a task or when I am home and find my attention wandering. Taste still needs some work but it’s worth it.

Super Good

So glad I found these. I have been using this blend for the last 6 months or so and I really notice a difference. I have better focus, I feel like my immunity is stronger and just feel better overall.

Game changer

Since I’ve been taking this blend I haven’t been sick, it’s been close to two years now. Sometimes when people close to me are sick I can feel like I’m fighting something off, but I don’t actually get sick, it’s great!

Energy & Performance Bundle
Larry Duncan Grady
A Wonderful Product

I'm a senior and recently purchased the energy bundle. It has helped me in so many areas, especially energy and mood. I am very grateful and in my next purchase will try the more calm bundle. I highly recommend these and am recommending them to my friends.

Energy & Performance Bundle
Yolanda Ballingall
No regrets

This energy bundle gives me the amount of energy I need. No afternoon crash. I am a massage therapist and this bundle has definitely helped me through long days.

So good!

These caps are great for daily use. I feel good. My energy feels balanced, I actually HAVE energy… they’re so darn good.

Love this bundle!

I have been taking this daily for 2 weeks and have already started noticing a change in my energy levels. Really enjoying them! Looking forward to continuing to take all 3 of these daily!

Immunity Health Bundle
Samer Barakat


The good stuff!

Not my first time with adaptogen mushrooms but these one are right on the spot. I really appreciate the education on the social media especially around brain injuries and how the mushrooms can help support with the recovery and general brain health!

Lions mane gummies

I have given the gummie to my husband who has dementia and after a month there’s definitely a difference. He can remember quite a few things he couldn’t before. Don’t get me wrong that’s not curing him of his desease however any little improvement is a plus.

Better health

Doing a trio : lions Mane, cordyceps and turkey tail. Gut health improved, brain fog dissipating. very interesting going forward.

Lions Main capsules

I absolutely love this stuff! It has helped me so much with my focus! Total game changer!

Excellent product

I've been using turkey tail mushroom caplets to help fight my Cancer after finding out that Japan passed it on their FDA to for the same reason. I was getting from Amazon but didnt know where the product was being processed and if it had additional additives, after further research I am glad I found Staywyld's brand of all natural and produced right here in Canada. My last CT scan results says my cancer is not spreading. I don't take any chemo medication just the turkey tail caplets. Thank you very much.

Great results

I noticed some differences on my focus levels during the day after taking this. Wish I knew this product was existed earlier!


It’s like taking the limitless pill. I see sounds & hear colours.

Lions mane

Good results , more energy!

Cordyceps Mushroom Capsules
William Macartney

A noticeable pickup of energy. A stable supplement without unwanted effects.