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Cordyceps Mushrooms

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Cordyceps are taken to aid endurance, boost your adrenals & increase blood flow.

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Cordyceps Benefits:

• Enhanced energy and stamina for athletic performance

• Adrenal Boost

• Blood Flow & Oxygen Optimization

• Hormonal Regulation

• Increased libido and sexual vitality

• Vitality & Endurance Aid

• Improved lung function and respiration support

• Boosted immune system and balanced response

• Promoted brain health and cognitive protection

Why Cordyceps?

Why Cordyceps? Cordyceps deliver the energy you need, day and night, without the crash. Known for boosting stamina, they're a go-to for athletes and the elderly.

Rooted in thousands of years of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cordyceps is not just about energy. Extensive studies highlight their remarkable range of benefits, including anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and larvicidal properties. They are also recognized for their anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, antioxidant, and anti-tumor capabilities and their ability to support sexual health, induce apoptosis, and modulate the immune system. With a wide spectrum of health-promoting attributes, Cordyceps stands out as a multifaceted supplement for overall well-being.

Revitalize your energy supplies with Cordyceps and fuel your lifestyle with medicinal mushrooms.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
McKergow Brock
Clean energy!

This is a great mushroom. I feel the focus and the energy when I put Cordyceps mushroom powder in my smoothies and it is clean, no after effects like caffeine. It feels like a steady energy I would recommend it for sure.

William Macartney

A noticeable pickup of energy. A stable supplement without unwanted effects.

Mike Kuemmerle
Life change

I quit drinking 7 months ago and am getting back into shape again after years of neglect of physical and mental health. I've taken up hiking and now hike 20-30 km per week. After a month of using cordyceps I'm finding I can really push my endurance and speed. 20 k in 3hrs!

Life changer!

Get it if you haven't already! I have been using these mushrooms now for a few months and have seen amazing results. I can't express how much these have changed my life. I am no longer sluggish and have have tons of energy throughout the day. My mental alertness. Is it an all-time high! Wish I had these in my life sooner!


I’ve been using StayWyld cordyceps for a while and just restocked. This company seems to have the highest quality of all the ones I’ve tried. Not to mention their customer service is excellent. I’ve recommended them to everyone.

Énergie & Performance - 1 mois d'approvisionnement


Le Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris) est depuis longtemps considéré comme le meilleur champignon pour les athlètes, même si votre sport consiste à sortir du lit et à affronter la journée. Le pouvoir du Cordyceps découle de sa capacité à améliorer la consommation d'oxygène par le corps, la circulation sanguine et la production par les glandes surrénales d'une variété d'hormones comme l'adrénaline et le cortisol.

Tout cela se traduit par l’énergie dont vous avez besoin toute la journée. Et toute la nuit aussi : le Cordyceps était traditionnellement utilisé pour résoudre les problèmes de libido et de performance sexuelle. Si vous cherchez à relancer votre vie physique, nos capsules de Cordyceps sont le complément médicinal qui vous aidera à rester libre et plein d'énergie.

Apprenez-en plus sur les ingrédients de nos capsules de champignons Cordyceps ci-dessous et apprenez-en davantage sur les champignons Cordyceps ici !

  • Énergie et endurance améliorées pour la performance sportive
  • Boost surrénalien
  • Optimisation du flux sanguin et de l'oxygène
  • Régulation hormonale
  • Augmentation de la libido et de la vitalité sexuelle
  • Aide à la vitalité et à l'endurance
  • Fonction pulmonaire améliorée et assistance respiratoire
  • Système immunitaire renforcé et réponse équilibrée
  • Favorise la santé cérébrale et la protection cognitive

Ingrédients médicinaux :Cordyceps biologique (Cordyceps militaris - poudre de champignon entier) 500 mg

Quantité de bouteille :90 gélules

Dose recommandée :Adultes : Prendre 3 gélules par jour. Peut être pris avec de la nourriture ou à jeun, ou selon les recommandations de votre professionnel de la santé.

Sans gluten.Ne contient pas de mercure.

Ingrédients non médicinaux :Stéarate de magnésium, carboxyméthylcellulose.